Docker BuildKit SBOM Tricks

Docker BuildKit SBOM Tricks
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By default the sbom produced from an image only includes dependencies from the final image. This can be inaccurate for some builds, like a frontend static app whose final image would only include bundled js in an nginx image. Here's an example Dockerfile for an SSR SvelteKit application, note the 3rd line ARG BUILDKIT_SBOM_SCAN_STAGE=true which tells BuildKit to produce an sbom for the stage.

# Build
FROM node:18-alpine AS build
COPY ./package.json ./yarn.lock ./
RUN yarn install --immutable --ignore-scripts
COPY . .
RUN yarn build

# Runtime
FROM node:18-alpine AS runtime
USER node:node
COPY --from=build /app/package.json /app/entrypoint.js /app/build ./
CMD ["./entrypoint.js"]

To produce sboms add the --sbom=true option to the build command

# build
docker buildx build --sbom=true -t cotyhamilton/budgety .

# verify by saving filesystem to disk and browsing the spdx files
docker buildx build --sbom=true -t cotyhamilton/budgety -out ./image .

The above information can be found and Here's the method to get the sbom from an image.

docker buildx imagetools inspect --format "{{ json .SBOM.SPDX }}"

To get additional sboms, like from our build stage, and from multi-platform images, it's not as straightforward (especially for me, I have no idea what go templating is 😜). Here are some format templates:

# get all sboms
docker buildx imagetools inspect \
	--format '{{ json .SBOM }}'

# get the additional sboms of the linux/amd64 image
docker buildx imagetools inspect \
	--format '{{ json (index .SBOM "linux/amd64").AdditionalSPDXs }}'

# get the additional sbom of the linux/amd64 image that is named sbom-build
docker buildx imagetools inspect \
	--format '{{ range (index .SBOM "linux/amd64").AdditionalSPDXs }}{{if eq .name "sbom-build"}}{{ json . }}{{ end }}{{ end }}'
# print the packages in the above sbom in a human readable format (name@version)
docker buildx imagetools inspect \
	--format '{{ range (index .SBOM "linux/amd64").AdditionalSPDXs }}{{if eq .name "sbom-build"}}{{range .packages}}{{.name}}@{{ .versionInfo }}{{"\n"}}{{end}}{{end}}{{end}}'